blink optical - The independent optician in Conwy North Wales

Optometrist Melanie Davis is accredited to provide the Wales Eye Care Service (WECS), which is funded by the Welsh Government for people living in Wales who have an urgent eye problem.
Anyone can self-refer for an emergency eye examination under WECS if they have an eye problem that requires urgent attention such as:
  • A red eye
  • A painful eye
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Double vision
  • Flashing lights, floating spots or shadows
Your GP can also refer for you for an eye health examination under WECS if they feel it is required.WECS exams are available in certain circumstances if you are at an increased risk of developing an eye disease or would be disproportionately affected by a loss of sight.

Please note we are now closed until January 3rd 2019.The Eyecare Wales website has a list of other accredited optometrists.